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Odessa Jane Doe

Jane Doe sketch I know, I know, I just did a facial reconstruction, but since I've been sick I haven't had the chance to research and write about a hellbeast for today. I do,

Mahad Ahmed

Milk I don't have a picture of the killer. I don't have a picture of the victim. So why the picture of milk? You're soon to learn. Mahad Ahmed, 43, of Streatham, South London, was

Ronald Miller

Ronald Miller Ronald Miller, a retired pharmacist from Cleveland, Ohio, was a believer in "til death do us part" when it came to his marriage vows -- to his third wife, that is. That's not

Spokane County Jane Doe

Jane Doe, Spokane On June 20, 1984, a woman's remains were found on the south side bank of the Spokane River. It was a young woman who had been murdered. She has yet to

Sohonlal Chouhan

Sohanlal Chouhan Sohanlal Chouhan, of Indore, India, is a firm believer in genital piercing. There'd be nothing wrong with that if we were talking about his own genitals. If he wanted to pierce it

Aco Simonoski

Aco Simonoski Aco Simonoski of Strongsville, Ohio is not a good family man. The fact that he's going to prison and his children are pleased about it speaks volumes about the kind of asshole

Milan Babic, Deborah Babic, Mathue Babic and Mikorlee Babic

Milan BabicThe Milan Babic family of the UK is one family you wouldn't want to have to deal with -- unless you were armed and dangerous yourself. Rather than acting as productive members

Narinder Wasan

Narinder Wasan Surrey, British Columbia, is a nice city. It's up close to the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It's got plenty of parks and outdoor activities. And almost half a million people live

Detroit Jane Doe

Detroit Jane Doe I found a skull picture and have taken the opportunity to indulge in my favourite hobby -- creating a face. There are already two likenesses of this Jane Doe, which

Meredith Katharine Borowiec

Meredith Borowiec Enough, enough, ENOUGH! Meredith Katharine Borowiec of Calgary, Alberta, Canada needs to be stopped! She can't or won't stop herself, and it appears the courts won't stop her either! I am talking about