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Jessica Fraraccio

Jessica Fraraccio On August 22, 2012, Jessica Fraraccio of Manassas, Virginia became a murderer. For 7 months prior to that she was just a babysitter. I don't know if she'd been abusive to her charges

Michelle Lynn Pruitt

Michelle Pruitt In April, 2013, Michelle Lynn Pruitt of Danville, Virginia murdered her baby boy. Why? Because he was crying and that annoyed her. Alphonzo O'Brien Fuller III suffered greatly at the hands of the

John Andrew Welden

John Andrew Welden John Andrew Welden, 29, of Tampa, Florida, is a bona fide asshole. He's a selfish, immature asshole with a complete disregard for other people's needs, wants and rights. The fact

Bryan Michael Strickler and Ashley Lynn Stapert

Bryan Strickler and Ashley Stapert Bryan Michael Strickler doesn't think he's a bad person. I, on the other hand, do. And a Delaware jury and judge agree with me. I also think

Keegan Spearchief

Keegan Spearchief The RCMP has issued a warning to the people of Alberta, Canada that a high-risk offender has been released from Grande Cache Institution. The offender is Keegan Spearchief, a 28-year-old with a history

Rose Chase

Rose Chase Adam Chase of Ontario County, New York, was much loved. His parents, his sisters, and his child adored him and knew him to be a good man. He wasn't a perfect man, of

James Alfred Cooper

James Cooper James Alfred Cooper, an evil bastard who was once considered Canada's worst pedophile, is out of prison. James Alfred Cooper, who beat, raped and tortured 6 children, is out of prison. James Alfred

Brett Sanders

Brett Sanders Brett Sanders, 54, of Ash Grove, Missouri, is a vile pile of human feces, IMO. Any man who can sexually abuse his two granddaughters for years is a bottom feeder of society. That's

Jaromir (Jerry) Dvorak

Jerry Dvorak Jaromir (Jerry) Dvorak, 53, is not my idea of an ideal neighbour, and I am so very grateful that he hasn't moved into my neighbourhood. He has recently finished serving 10 years

Thomas Joseph Godwin

Thomas Joseph Godwin Thomas Joseph Godwin of Billings, Montana, is a dangerous dude, especially when he overindulges in alcohol. When he does that, he is a danger to women and animals. Just

Eldrick D. Broom

Eldrick Broom Rosanna Camilo was an awesome mother, in my opinion. She had 3 children, and her youngest son suffered from a disorder that left him disabled both physically and mentally. To do what was