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Ricky Lewis, Brittiny Linne Dick and Sally Deupree

Ricky Lewis I've never visited Craigslist, much less posted a singles ad on it, and if there are monsters like Ricky Lewis, Brittiny Dick and Sally Deupree using it I definitely never will. In 2012,

Sabrina Bonner and Lionel Barthelemy

Sabrina Bonner and Lionel Barthelemy This story has been in the news all over the world for the past couple of days, but I'm going to join in the fray by adding

Rickesha Jovani Burns

Rickesha Burns If I were to believe Rickesha Jovani Burns (which, for the record, I don't because, for the record, I am not afflicted with an IQ of -54) then there is one helluva

Jonathan Adleta, Sarah Lippy Adleta, Samantha Jo Bryant & Aaron Banks Dixon

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta When Jonathan Adleta of Florida began dating his future wife Sarah in 2008, he made it clear that although he was willing to have sex with her, she wasn't

Terrance Moquin

Terrance Moquin Terrance Moquin of Manitoba, Canada has finally, finally been labeled a dangerous offender. It's taken a long time to get the job done, and Terrance Moquin had to work hard to deserve his

Farhad Billimoria

Farhad Billimoria Farhad Billimoria, a former chef from Melbourne, Australia is a confessed sex offender. Give him access to a webcam and Skype and he can victimize little girls around the world. His victim

Daniel Davies, Troy Schuldt and Samantha Smith

Davies and Schuldt Daniel Spires, 69, didn't have much but he had enough for his needs. He was a scrap metal man which meant he bought and sold items for a living. He drove

Tennessee Jane Doe

Tennessee Jane Doe On October 25, 1998, a man was searching for cans in Campbell County, Tennessee. As he made his way on Stinking Creek road he encountered something he most certainly was

Joshua Allen Robey

Joshua Allen Robey Eva Ponce found out the hard way that her boyfriend, Joshua Allen Robey of Costa Mesa, California, is a nasty piece of work. She suspected he was fooling around with

Billy D. Stewart, Frank Lightfoot Jr and Archie Elliott III

I myself could never work at an animal shelter. I am admittedly a spineless marshmallow who would want to take home every single unclaimed animal. The fact I have 4 dogs

Donald Otis Williams

Donald Otis Williams I feel so bad for the friends and family of 81-year-old Janet Louise Patrick. On October 18, 2010, the Leesburg, Florida woman had generously offered to pick up some