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Angela Chavez & company

Ashley Simone Chavez A couple of stories ago I wrote about a guy who did the right thing -- he'd discovered his girlfriend did something completely immoral and illegal and he turned her

Brook Makara

Brook Makara See this guy? If you see this guy, don't go near him! He's dangerous! Instead, whip out your cell phone and call the police! Brook Makara is this hellbeast's real name, although he

Chandra Ilene Rose

Chandra Ilene Rose Young Miranda Crockett's life was doomed once her father Daniel's girlfriend moved in. Chandra Ilene Rose, 34, made the Fairview, Oregon apartment her home in June, 2012. She brought along her

Tanai Fortman

Tanai Fortman I cannot imagine what Tanai Fortman's boyfriend thought when he checked the contents of her cell phone and tablet. He was kind of expecting to find evidence that his girlfriend was cheating on

Paul Eugene Wiard

Paul Eugene Wiard I don't know why Paul Eugene Wiard deserves his good fortune. The Claypool, Indiana man should be parked in prison for 4 years, but instead he's serving out his time on

Provincetown Jane Doe

Lady of the Dunes On July 26, 1974, a young girl was walking her beagle on Race Point Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Like so many dog walkers, she discovered something horrific -- the

Mark J. Newton and Peter Truong

Truong and Newton Mark J. Newton and his boyfriend Peter Truong, originally of Queensland, Australia, are filthy, disgusting pedophiles. There's no wrapping it up to make it pretty. They were both active members of

Susan Marie Bardo and Carl James Pellinen

Susan Bardo and Carl Pellinen These revolting piles of villainy are Susan Marie Bardo, 46, and her boyfriend Carl James Pellinen, 47 of Escanaba, Michigan. As disgusting and vile as these two

Malcolm Alan Francis

Malcolm Francis Malcolm Alan Francis, 64, was denied parole but he's still getting out next year. The New Zealand man is considered too great a risk to the community to be let out now, but

Massachusetts Jane Doe

Unidentified woman On August 8, 2004, the skeletal remains of a black woman were discovered in woods behind the Plainville Truck Stop in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The unfortunate woman had been buried in a shallow

James and Roxanne Murphy

James and Roxanne Murphy Sometimes, one just has to wonder…what the fuck possesses people? What on earth makes some people do what they do? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get an answer

Karl Clay

Karl Clay Coventry police called Karl Clay, 39, of Wood End, UK a monster and a bully. I think they're being much too kind. In my opinion Karl Clay is the slimy shitstain on the

Daniel Maoz

Daniel Maoz Here's a handy tip for would-be killers out there: if you plan on killing your parents don't google "how to kill your parents and get away with it". That online search will come

Adele Sorella

Adele Sorella When Quebec mobster Giuseppe De Vito went on the lam from Canadian justice, I am sure he had absolutely no idea of the tragedy that would result. Guiseppe De Vito was caught and