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Cleo’s Hobby: Another Jane Doe

Little Miss Lake Panasoffkee As I mentioned in a previous article, my new hobby is to digitally put faces to skulls. I particularly wanted to put faces to unidentified victims, but it

Todd Scott Mortensen

Todd Mortensen The people of Farmington, New Mexico have one less pedophile in their midst. In July 2011, Todd Scott Mortensen, 47, was sent away for 30 years. He won't be be considered for

Denise and Michael Scriven

Denise and Michael Scriven Betty Anne Gagnon was disabled all her life. She had an intellectual disability caused by lack of oxygen at birth. She had the mental capacity of a child. Later

Robert Habermehl

Robert Habermehl Robert Habermehl comes from Canada and I'm not particularly thrilled about that. The Calgary, Alberta man is a convicted cat killer, and the world could do with fewer of those. In 2009

Mark Hutt

Hellbeast Mark Hutt Thirty-six year old roofer, Mark Hutt, blamed his wife's horrible death on ... his wife. In fact, he blamed most of her horrific injuries on his wife. According to the Ottawa

Cleo’s Got a New Hobby

skull of unidentified woman Police in Frederick, Maryland, have a 31-year-old unsolved murder on their hands. The biggest roadblock to solving the murder is identifying the victim. On August 24, 1982, two hikers

Adrian Ernest Bayley

Hellbeast Adrian Bayley Irish journalist Jill Meagher, a very intelligent and beautiful young woman, did not have to die. She did not have to be raped and murdered by Adrian Ernest Bayley in Melbourne,

Clarence Jenkins & Carman Major Jenkins

Clarence and Carman Jenkins Carman Major Jenkins and her husband Clarence Jenkins are a pair of purebred hellbeasts. The Greenville County, South Carolina couple committed such incomprehensible evil that it's hard to

Roger Kingsley Dean

Roger Dean Roger Kingsley Dean blames the devil. I blame Roger Kingsley Dean, the cowardly, murderous, registered nurse who worked at Quakers Hill Nursing Home in Sydney, Australia. It was Roger Kingsley Dean who, in

Marcin Kasprzak

Marcin Kasprzak There are all kinds of evil bastards in this world. It astonishes and horrifies me daily as I research articles about them. Marcin Kasprzak is an evil bastard of the stupid dumbf*ck variety.

Ryan Reed & Allison Ann Clement

Ryan Reed and Allison Clement Savannah Katheryn Cross almost lived to see her third birthday, but 19 days before that big day she was murdered. The beautiful little girl died on December