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Miami-Dade Police Officers who attacked Tremaine McMillian

Miami Dade Police choking Tremaine McMillian This is so wrong. I don't know Tremaine McMillian, and I've never been to Miami and area, but this entire story stinks so much I

Jean Pierre Duclos

Jean-Pierre Duclos Okay, this is embarrassing, and frightening. Jean Pierre Duclos, 56, a convicted murderer, escaped custody during a hospital visit on May 28, 2013. The killer had been serving his time at the minimum

Naim Rasool Muhammad

Naim Rasool Muhammad To listen to Naim Rasool Muhammad's sister, he was pretty much raised to be a killer. Aqueelah Green testified at his murder trial that their mother, aunts and uncles did drugs,

Andrew Cumming

Hellbeast Andrew Cumming Andrew Cumming of Hull, Great Britain, is more repellant than a truckload of pig shit. That's my opinion, and I dare say it's an opinion shared by a large number of

Ronald William Brown

Ronald William Brown Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, scares me because he's a monster in the making. I'm afraid that some time in the future we'll be reading about acts of unbelievable barbarity

Amy Hockett & Joseph Pierson

Amy Hockett and Joseph Pierson Khaiden Hockett was born on October 11, 2011. On February 5, 2012 the little baby boy was dead. Why, why, why? Because he was born to Amy

William Todd Lewallen & Erin Elizabeth Lewallen

William and Erin Lewallen Some women can really pick them. According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, William Todd Lewallen of Tulsa was convicted in 2011 of manufacturing controlled dangerous substances (methamphetamine). Nice.

Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson I feel so bad for Carol Cooper of Clacton, Essex. Being an older, disabled woman she made the unfortunate decision to hand over her financial affairs to her beloved son, Peter Dickson. I

Chad Cymbalista & Nicole Corcoran

Chad Cymbalista and Nicole Corcoran Chad Cymbalista, 27, and his girlfriend Nicole Corcoran, 27, showed some compassion and good sense when they took his 2-year-old boy to the Nebraska Medical Center

Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith Lee-Ann Shiers and Liam Timbrell had the downstairs neighbour from hell. The couple lived in an apartment in Prestatyn, North Wales with their 15-month-old son Charlie. Below them lived Melanie Smith, a spiteful,

Jean-Claude Kodjo Toviave

Jean-Claude Toviave Jean-Claude Kodjo Toviave is kind of a cool name but it belongs to a totally uncool guy. Uncool and evil. And sick and twisted. And rotten and despicable. Jean-Claude Kodjo Toviave is a

Donald Lee Cockrell & Michelle Nicole Smith

Donald Cockrell and Michelle Smith There's a rural road called Cottontail Lane in Sandy, Oregon. To me it conjures up images of fields of flowers with bunnies and deer frolicking, with big,

Ruby C. Klokow

Hellbeast Ruby Klokow Ruby C. Klokow, 76, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a baby killer. Amazingly, it took more than 50 years to get justice for her victim. In 1957, Ruby C. Klokow's baby

Janet and Ramon Barreto

Ramon and Janet Barreto Let's see if we can give the US Marshal's Office a hand. Janet and Ramon Barreto were arrested in Mississippi, and then freed on bail in 2008 and