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Rhoda Maddox and Orville Wheeler Jr.

Rhoda Maddox and Orville Wheeler Jr Boxing day, 1985, was a happy day for Awilda Maddox, 69, of Perrysburg Heights, Ohio. The widow shared her home with her daughter, Rhoda Maddox,

John D. White

Hellbeast John D. White Where to start? With the long, sordid, horrific tale of ex-convict, pastor, and murderer John D. White, I guess it's best to start at the beginning. In 1980,

Stelios Kimpriktzis

Stelios Kimpriktzis OK, it's official. British justice is batshit crazy. I can say this without hesitation now because of the case of Stelios Kimpriktzis of Liverpool. In the event you've never heard of

Mariano Antonio Castro

Mariano Castro I don't know the young woman's name but I want to tell her she is to be admired for speaking up and helping to put away a hellbeast pedophile. I do not know

Gavin Gosnell

Gavin Gosnell I can't really understand why Christchurch teenager Hayden Miles, a perfectly nice boy, was murdered. He certainly didn't deserve to be murdered. His family describes him as a "gentle, caring, funny and creative

Angela Marie Janecka

Angela Janecka Angela Marie Janecka of Henrico, Virginia, is oh so lucky she's not guilty of murder. That's not to say she didn't try. She just didn't succeed. Angela Marie Janecka and her husband already

Li Hao

Hellbeast Li Hao Li Hao of Luoyang City in China's Henan Province was one helluva busy hellbeast. He was ambitious and industrious, which would have been good if only his ambitions and efforts were

Sanae Nakamura

Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse I began writing about hellbeasts because of Rie Fujii, a young mother who abandoned her 2 babies to starve to death so that she could enjoy herself with her boyfriend. I thought at the time that

Robert Albert Bell

Pedophile Robert Albert Bell People of London, Ontario, a pedophile is in your midst. Robert Albert Bell, 57, has been convicted of molesting children 15 times and is considered a high risk to

Robin Malka

Pedophile Robin Malka This is Robin Malka, 38, a fitness trainer from southwest London. I beg all of you ladies out there not to start a relationship with him. Don't date him, don't associate

Stephen Seddon

Hellbeast Stephen Seddon Stephen Seddon of County Durham, UK, is a greedy, ungrateful, murderous hellbeast. Need I say more? I guess I really should. His parents, Patricia and Robert Seddon, who look