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Brian & Shannon Gore

Brian and Shannon Gore There are times I could write articles about rainbows and unicorns and happy, shiny people. Alas, this site is about hellbeasts, and there are far too many out there

Willamette Valley Animal Rescue

Hellbeasts Inglish, Noonan and Oakley Willamette Valley Animal Rescue in Salem, Oregon was anything but an animal rescue organization. What it was was a warehouse full of 149 horribly neglected animals.

Harvey Maytwayashing, Lyle Maytwayashing, James Beardy & Clara Dorion

overdone smokies In January, 2006, a 59-year-old man went out to a Main Street bar in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and he probably thought he was in for the best night of his life. He got

Robin Pagoria

Hellbeast Robin Pagoria Robin Pagoria of Auburndale, Florida and her Australian boyfriend Christopher Lobban are into some kinky stuff. The two met on a spanking fetish website, so 3 guesses what their kink is.

Richard Beasley & Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty and Richard Beasley There have been a whole lot of people desperately looking for work in the United States for the past few years. One of them was Ron

Toby Hayden

Hellbeast Toby Hayden I was all prepared to write up about two American hellbeast killers when up popped another British asshole on my radar. I'm already steaming mad about British assholes Christopher Graney

Christopher Graney & Samantha Fenton

Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton Christopher Graney, 19, of Beckenham and Samantha Fenton, 19 of Bromley, UK, are being called thugs by the British press. I personally would call them hellbeasts-in-training.

Martin Roland Morales, Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera & Crystal Rodriguez

Hellbeast Martin Morales and Crystal Rodriguez In August 2009 San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies responded to an anonymous tip and rescued a 5-year-old boy from horrific circumstances. Inside a closet in

Steven Ryan

Hellbeast Steven Ryan Steven Ryan of Bridlington, Yorkshire, is going to have some time in prison to churn up some remorse and rehabilitate himself from his criminal tendencies. Most likely, however, he'll spend all

Steven Elliot Laffin

Hellbeast Steven Laffin Sex trade workers in the Canadian city of Halifax can breathe a little easier now that a killer is going to be off the streets for a long time. Since

John Ward & Kelly Horner

John Ward and Kelly Horner Some people, some hellbeastly people, should never be allowed around babies, ever. John Ward and Kelly Horner of East Yorkshire are two such people. Unfortunately

Matthew Andrew Carter

Matthew Andrew Carter To hear his lawyers tell it, Matthew Andrew Carter of Brighton, Michigan is one helluva guy. He's a military veteran turned missionary who dedicated his life to raising poor Haitian children