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Cassandra Shepard, Sherrie Beckering & Dale Beckering

Cassandra Shepard, Dale Beckering, Sherrie Beckering Christina "Nina" Harms of Kearns, Utah, died on March 25, 2011. She was only 22 years old. She hadn't had the easiest life

William Inman Sr, Sandra Inman & William Inman Jr

Hellbeasts Inmans The tragic Summer Cook Inman saga is finally over. The unfortunate 25-year-old mother of 3 was mercilessly murdered on March 22, 2011 and now the last of her killers has been tried and

Katie Stockton

Baby Killer Katie Stockton Katie Stockton, 32, of Rockton, Illinois is very likely a serial killer. Her victims have been her very own tiny, helpless, infant daughters. And as despicable as that is,

Thomas Neal Tait

Hellbeast Thomas Neal Tait I like Circuit Judge Humes J. Franklin Jr of Virginia. He's my kind of judge. I'm sure Thomas Neal Tait of Waynesboro, Virginia isn't too fond of him, though.

Mohammed Karolia & Nafisa Karolia

Hellbeasts Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia, of Meadow Close, Blackburn, Lancashire, had twin baby girls. I guess they only wanted one. In June 2009 they got their

Aaron Duane Lucy

Hellbeast Aaron Lucy Christmas is supposed to be a happy time spent with family, opening gifts, enjoying good food. Two-year-old Kyle Lucy did start out having a great Christmas in 2010. He opened presents

Tara Ann Bergland-Haugo von Rothlisberg

Hellbeast Tara Ann Bergland-Haugo von Rothlisberg This is wrong, so very, very wrong. On May 31, 2012, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies responded to a concerned call from an employee of a

Christopher Sheldon & Charlotte Sheldon

Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon When Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon were told by the judge on February 8, 2013, that they were heading to prison, they cried. Good! I'm glad they're upset because the

Daniel Hall & Alisha Hall

Daniel and Alisha Hall Hellbeast Daniel Hall, 25, and his hellbitch wife Alisha Hall, 26, learned the hard way that infants are not sex toys. The Mt. Morris, Michigan couple had to

Joshua James Houle

Hellbeast Joshua Houle Joshua James Houle, a 28-year-old killer from Edmonton, Alberta, really benefited from the fact his victim, 27-year-old Misty Lynn Ward, was too dead to testify at his trial. Misty Ward's

Andrew Brown, Ricky Roys & Helen Cooke

Hellbeasts Roys, Brown & Cooke Derek Blake, 44, of Great Yarmouth suffered and died a horrific, gruesome death. The poor man had had 104 separate injuries inflicted upon his body. His jaw,

Lalit Balhara & Preeti Balhara

Lalit and Preeti Balhara In 2000, Shaurya Balhara's mother died and as heaven welcomed her hell was waiting for her infant son. I can't tell you how bad I feel for