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Tania Coleman & Xavier Hollamon

Hellbeast Tania ColemanHellbeast Xavier Hollamon When Erie firemen were called to put out a kitchen fire in May 2011, Captain Herrmann caught sight of something

Rape-aXe – A Damned Good Idea

Rape-aXe This article is a departure from my usual evil hellbeast story. It is instead about an invention that I think is worthwhile. It's about an invention by a woman for women. It's about women

Brian Anthony Cutteridge

Brian Anthony Cutteridge OK, I have a real problem with Brian Anthony Cutteridge of Vancouver, B.C. And I also have a real problem with B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver. My problem is that

Jamie Labbe

Hellbeast Jamie Labbe Jamie Labbe of Plaistow, New Hampshire is not the kind of girlfriend a guy would want. Her ex-boyfriend Kurt Krohn found that out the hard way. And sadly, Kurt Krohn's

Benjamin Capelin

Hellbeast Benjamin Capelin Benjamin Capelin is what my blessed mother would have called a "real piece of work" -- that's pretty much the closest she got to swearing. I call him a monstrous

Peter Gavin Cawser

Peter Gavin Cawser Katie Crean of Swadlincote, Derbyshire describes her 3-year-old boy Dylan as "funny, cheeky, crazy, brilliant and beautiful". The photos of the little guy's cherubic face are endearing. They are also

Kenneth Kyle and Tessa Vanvlerah

Hellbeast Kenneth KyleHellbeast Tessa Vanvlerah Kenneth Kyle met Tessa Vanvlerah online in 2009. He was 46 and she was 20. He lived in San Francisco

May Yee Polegato

Victim Jinx the bulldog Jinx is a bulldog who is lucky to be alive. On March 17, 2011 his owner May Yee Polegato went postal on him and nearly beat him to death

Melissa Bailey and Glenn Nelson

Hellbeast Melissa BaileyHellbeast Glenn Nelson Why is it so freaking difficult for some people to understand that babies are not sexual playthings? Melissa Bailey, 29, and

Richard Fourtin Jr. and the Connecticut Supreme Court

Hellbeast Richard Fourtin Jr. I am so furious right now I am on the verge of having an aneurism. I am furious with the convicted rapist Richard Fourtin Jr. and I am outraged

David Viens

Hellbeast David Viens David Viens, 49, gave 2 different confessions to police. One of these confessions is rather grisly but both conceded that the L.A. restaurateur had killed his wife Dawn. The couple had