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Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte

Hellbeast Peter Laporte Around 4 p.m. on December 15, 2007, Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte, AKA shitstain rapist, sexually assaulted a 38-year-old woman in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He had grabbed the victim inside a Cumberland Avenue

Anders Behring Breivik

Hellbeast Anders Behring Breivik Throughout the history of mankind, admirable deeds and tragic sacrifices have been made in the name of patriotism. We know there’s a reason why Russians call their country

Darick Stallworth

Hellbeast Darick Stallworth Darick Stallworth, 31, of St. Louis is not just a hellbeast. He is a rancid rat's rectum of a hellbeast. He is a festering weasel dick of a hellbeast.

Brent Justice & Ashley Nicole Richards

Hellbeast Ashley RichardsHellbeast Brent Justice I have rarely reached the level of hate and disgust that I now feel for Brent Justice, 51 and Ashley Nicole Richards,

Christopher David McDonald

Hellbeast Christopher McDonald Corrine Burns was a sex trade worker in Guelph, Ontario. She wasn't always a sex trade worker. Corrine was an intelligent, popular girl who was good at school and loved

Jay Handel

Hellbeast Jay Handel Sonya Handel of Vancouver Island had had enough. Her marriage to her husband Jay Handel had been dysfunctional for over 15 years. Jay Handel had been abusive, jealous and domineering, and

Craig Curtis

Hellbeast Craig Curtis Craig Curtis, 27, of Exning, Suffolk is not a kind, decent and compassionate sort of person from what I can tell. And he is definitely not the sort of person

Corazon Paulino Flores

Hellbeast Corazon Flores What puzzles me greatly about American justice is that despite the fact that serious crimes have serious penalties, including death, there is still a whole pile of American hellbeasts willing to

Joseph Duffy

Hellbeast Joseph Duffy I know exactly what it's like to be a caregiver to a chronically ill, handicapped person. I took care of my beloved mother for 19 years and it wasn't easy.

Russell Mendoza & Tony Campbell

Hellbeasts Campbell & Mendoza Russell Douglas Mendoza and Tony Allen Campbell of Auckland have gained some fame in New Zealand, and I've decided to spread the word about them as far as I

Jeffrey & Rebecca Trebilcock

Hellbeasts Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcocks Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock of Longview, Washington, have a weight issue. So what? A whole lotta people are fighting the battle of the bulge these days and

Ashiqur Rahman & Jane Gomes

Hellbeast Ashiqur Rahman Aurora Breakthrough. That's quite the name for a little baby girl. I can't really imagine an executive or politician named Aurora Breakthrough. A musician maybe, or an author. Aurora Breakthrough didn't

Ryan Paul Seddon & Paul Spanevello

Seddon & Spanevello On March 6, 1995, Mrs. Jeanne Richter, 79, heard someone knocking on the door of her Langley, B.C. home. There were two teenagers on the doorstep asking to use her phone

Steve King

Rep. Steve King As fascinating and frightening as I find American politics and politicians, I typically keep my opinions to myself and to those in my life who haven't left the room. But there