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Sean Deakin & Sarah Amanda Tame

Hellbeast Sean Deakin Tyson the brindle Staffordshire bull terrier had the horrible misfortune to wind up with assholes Sean Deakin and Sarah Amanda Tame as his owners. The pair of f*cktards from Birchfield Avenue,

Wayne Acott

Hellbeast Wayne Acott Somebody had better tell Susan York of Maidstone, Kent what a "good parent" really is. A "good parent" is a provider essentially. He provides a safe and nurturing environment for his

Sharon Hinojosa

Hellbeast Sharon Hinojosa Sharon Hinojosa of Huron Township, MI, definitely belongs on this site. She is a demonic bitch from hell and has indubitably earned her spot on Sharon Hinojosa had man

David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham

Hellbeast David Whiffin This past weekend I watched a TV programme about justice in the Old Wild West, and by justice I mean hanging. Apparently the art of hanging somebody correctly is very

John Thompson

Hellbeast John Thompson Holy freakin' hell! I had a gander at The Mail today and saw this unbelievable instance of British "justice". It makes me want to puke. John

James Bing Jun Louie

Hellbeast James Bing Jun Louie James Bing Jun Louie of Calgary was not thrilled about his upcoming divorce. He was angry with his estranged wife Ying Tang, indeed he was absolutely

Roland John Black

Hellbeast Roland John Black Canine parvovirus is nasty. It's highly contagious and highly lethal. It's also very expensive to treat with no guarantee the infected dog will survive. That said, canine parvovirus is

Brian Ben

Prince Albert Penitentiary Brian Ben of the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation in Saskatchewan has not been a good citizen at all. Mostly he's been a drunk, a nasty, violent drunk. And most of

Cody Paul Lemay

Hellbeast Cody Paul Lemay The maximum penalty for aggravated sexual assault in Canada is life in prison (section 273 of the Criminal Code of Canada). I personally think that is a good

Richard Alan Atkins

Hellbeast Richard Alan Atkins Richard Alan Atkins, to put it mildly, is a sick, twisted, evil asswipe of a dipshit hellbeast. I am sure you will agree. And to be very clear it

Camille Cléroux

Hellbeast Camille Cleroux The first time Camille Cléroux committed murder was in April of 1990. His first victim was his wife of three years and mother of two, Lise Roy. And for decades nobody

Adam Lee Brown

Hellbeast Adam Lee Brown Adam Lee Brown has been a certifiable hellbeast for decades now. Way back in 1993 this HIV-positive pedophile turdpile/son of a pastor was convicted of 3 counts of

Eunice Spry

Hellbeast Eunice Spry Y'know, this picture of Eunice Spry doesn't exactly give me the warm fuzzies. She looks ... mean. And cold. And heartless. Nope, no warm fuzzies at all. And I shouldn't be

Peter James Wilson

Peter James Wilson Clare Louise Shelwell was a darling 5-year-old girl. She was a child of enthusiasms. She loved kindergarten and music and singing. She sang every chance she got, in the bath, in