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Michael Tessmer

Hellbeast Michael Tessmer "My dad's a killer," wrote an 11-year-old Oconomowoc, Wisconsin boy on an after-school childcare program sheet. That sure as hell got the teacher's attention. And it turns out that the

Vivian Singer

Hellbeast Vivian Singer I admit it, I am truly pissed off. I know it doesn't take much, but the case of Vivian Singer has me frothing at the mouth. I love animals, and

Connie, Kevin and Alan Roberson

Kevin, Connie and Alan Roberson Not everyone is suited to be a caregiver, especially to their parent. I know, after having looked after my chronically ill mother for 19 years, that it

Michael Porter

Hellbeast Michael Porter The story of Michael Porter isn't exactly hot off the presses, but it's worth telling regardless. In 2007 Michael Porter of Okehampton Close, north London, pleaded guilty to 24 cases

Ibrahim & Basma Julani

Hellbeast Ibrahim Julani I thought I'd have a gander at some other countries for crime and injustice, and encountered this unhappy example of both in Israel. The unfortunate victim was Mary Ann Paoig,

Robert Mikelsons

Hellbeast Robert Mikelsons The Netherlands apparently apply their privacy laws quite liberally, and so when they write about "The Monster of Riga" in their national press, they don't actually name him. Since I

Daniel James Clayton

Hellbeast Daniel Clayton Daniel James Clayton is a bullshit artist. His tall tales of being a decorated war hero, of serving in the aviation unit of the UK Special Forces, of surviving a

Hassan Steven Jarrar

Hellbeast Hassan Jarrar The city of Toronto is about to get a new resident, and I doubt there are many Torontonians ready to welcome him with open arms. I don't blame them, and must

Irina Gaidamachuk

Hellbeast Irina Gaidamachuk It took her over 8 years, but Irina Gaidamachuk of Russia managed to supplement her income with around $2,000. As commendable as it was for Irina Gaidamachuk to bring more

David Shearing/Ennis applying for parole!

David William Shearing OK, this is something that cannot be allowed to happen. David Shearing aka David Ennis has applied for day and full parole. His hearing is on September 18, 2012.

Emma Cartwright & Neil Gleaves

Hellbeasts Cartwright and Gleaves Emma Cartwright and Neil Gleaves of Wolstanton, UK, are slow learners. The lesson that Emma Cartwright, 27, and Neil Gleaves, 27, had trouble learning is that bones can