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Eric Jose Dejaeger

Pedo Priest Eric Dejaeger Catholic missionary and pedophile Eric Jose Dejaeger is in deep doo-doo. He was in doo-doo before, in 1990, when he was pled guilty to 9 charges of sex abuse

Michael Warrener

Hellbeast Michael Warraner Claire Warrener deserved a better, happier and longer life. Tragically any chance she might have had for a successful, contented future was taken away from her at the age of 13.

Matthew Milat & Cohen Klein

Hellbeast Matthew Milat Know how to put a smile on Australian serial killer Ivan Milat's face? Tell him that one of his relatives has become a killer too. Yup, Ivan Milat, hellbeast extraordinaire,

Brent Parent

Hellbeast Brent Parent Brent Parent is an asshole. He has made a career of being an asshole. Over 25 years this waste of skin had racked up 64 driving violations, which included speeding, not obeying