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Andrew David Thompson

Hellbeast Andrew Thompson I hate Andrew David Thompson of Okemos, Michigan. He is a confessed serial dog killer and that makes him without a doubt a hellbeast. The fact that he tortured each and

Steven Demink

Hellbeast Pedo Steven Demink So here's the setup: women from around the United States visit websites such as and spot the profile of an extremely handsome single father who earns $200,000

Linda Clappison

Hellbeast Linda Clappison Lately politicians have been jumping on the "being a mother is the hardest job" bandwagon, and I do agree that being a mom is awfully tough at times. But there's

Armand Huard & Denis Rochefort

Hellbeast Armand Huard Benjamin Franklin once said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” Wow, what a lofty start to a

Paul Antoine Dion Jr.

Hellbeast Paul Antoine Dion Jr. I don't know much about Paul Antoine Dion Jr.'s life. I do know he lived in Bourg, LA. And I also know he's a pathetic coward

Steven and Lorelei Turner

John Ryan Turner, RIP John Ryan Turner would have turned 22 this year if he hadn't been murdered by his hellbeast father, Cpl. Steven Turner, and his hellbitch mother, Lorelei Turner. In actuality,

David Pethig

Hellbeast David Pethig I don't usually have good things to say about thieves, but one thief in particular should be commended for doing the right thing. In April 2011 the thief had burgled the

Jesus Mura Sanchez

Horse abused by Jesus Mura Sanchez Jesus Mura Sanchez of Ontario is not a nice guy. He is an asshole animal abuser. And that makes him a hellbeast in my

Ferenc Domotor, Gyula Domotor, Gyongyi Kolompar and Ferenc Domotor Jr.

Hellbeast Domotor familyCall me naive, but I never really considered human trafficking to be a Canadian problem. Until now, thanks to the Domotor family.

Darcy Don Bannert

Hellbeast Darcy Bannert Darcy Don Bannert of Edmonton, Alberta is a vile piece of shit, IMO. The things he did to a helpless 4-year-old girl are nearly unimaginable, completely sadistic and undeniably