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Sheila LaBarre

Hellbeast Sheila LaBarre Anyone who has read this blog has to understand that I hate pedophiles. I wish the ills of the world and the torments of hell upon them all. Beyond wishing,

China Arnold

Hellbeast China Arnold In Dayton, Ohio, back in August 2005, China Arnold gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Paris Talley. Unhappily for little Paris Talley, her mother was in actuality a murderous

Neil Strachan, James Rennie, Colin Slaven, Ross Webber, Craig Boath, Neil Campbell, John Murphy & John Milligan

Hellbeasts Neil Strachan and James Rennie In 2007 Neil Strachan of Scotland forgot to clean his hard drive before he handed his computer over to the repair technicians. That piece

Judge David Farrell QC, Roshane Channer & Ruben Monteiro

Judge David Farrell QC I remember a whole lot about when I was 11. It is actually amazing how clear and vivid those childhood memories are. My life was filled with happiness and

Dr. Earl Brian Bradley

Pedophile Pediatrician Earl Bradley This story upsets me deeply because of the huge number of victims, and the incredible betrayal of trust. The pediatrician Dr. Earl Brian Bradley was liked, respected and

Daniel Walter Gyselinck

Pedophile Daniel Gyselinck Geez Louise is nothing sacred? We've had pedophile priests, clowns, foster parents, babysitters, RCMP officers, psychics, nursery workers, teachers and so on and so forth. But a pedophile Santa Claus?

Tracy Woolridge & Gary Underhill

Hellbeasts Tracy Woolridge, Gary Underhill The greatest thing about my dogs is that they will forgive me anything -- the hated nail clipping, the dreaded bath time, the slightly late suppertime,

Robert Donald William Farquharson

Hellbeast Robert Farquharson Robert Donald William Farquharson and Cindy Gambino of Victoria, Australia were once good friends. Cindy Gambino was living in Birregurra and worked at a supermarket in Winchelsea. Robert Farquharson

Hilaire Ndyat

Rapist Hilaire Ndyat Rapists are the scum of the earth. There is nothing funny about rape. The trauma and the consequences inflicted upon the victim are not funny. That said, the case of

Mohammad Shafia, Tooba Yahya & Hamed Shafia

Hellbeasts Mohammad Shafia, Tooba Yahya & Hamed Shafia The Shafia family moved to Canada in 2007. Fifteen years earlier they had fled their homeland Afghanistan and had

Martin Smith & Lianne Smith

Hellbeast Martin Smith There once was a British psychic named Martin Smith who had gained some measure of fame on the TV show "Most Haunted." Martin Smith, who I gathered was able

Lisa Brooks & Tomas Rhys Lewis

Sadistic pair Lisa Brooks and Tomas Lewis Being a dieter there have been times when I've been hungry. There has never been a time in my whole entire life

Marcus Delon Wesson

Hellbeast Marcus Wesson On March 12, 2004, Fresno police officers were summoned to a domestic disturbance. They thought they were dealing with a nasty child custody issue, but it quickly and horribly morphed into