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Pamela Ortega

Hellbeast Pamela Ortega Peer pressure is a powerful motivator. Whether it is to your betterment or your detriment rather depends upon your peers. If they are focused on achieving success, great. If they

Deborah Point

Hellbeast Deborah Point Audrey Trudeau of Calgary worked at Rockyview Hospital. The patients loved her and her family really loved her. She was compassionate, caring and generous by all accounts. It was because Audrey

Warren Robert Allen

Pedophile Warren Robert Allen The motto of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is "Maintiens le droit" or "Defending the Law". The RCMP takes it seriously and so they should. Canadians expect the Mounties

David Edenfield, Peggy Edenfield & George Edenfield

Hellbeasts Edenfield family Christopher Michael Barrios Jr. was only 6 years old when his body was found hidden in the woods 2 miles from his home in Brunswick, Georgia. Little Christopher had been

Monica Hussing & William Robinson Sr.

Hellbeast Monica Hussing These are hard times. I know this. A lot of us, me included, have to make tough decisions about how to cope these days. A lot of us have had

Rénald Côté, Serge Côté & Donald Côté

Hellbeast Rénald Côté Family to most people -- to normal people -- means a group of people held together by bonds of love and affection. I personally expand this definition to include pets. But

Julianne McCrery

Hellbeast Julianne McCrery When I first saw the picture of the beautiful, blonde little boy whose body had been tossed along a dirt road in southern Maine, I admit I cried. The police had

Mary Grandberry

Hellbeast Mary Grandberry Pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes, so I shouldn't be surprised by the case of Mary Grandberry of Silver Creek, Mississippi. But she doesn't look like a hellbeast.

Man-ling Tsang Williams

Murderous Hellbeast Man-ling Tsang Williams There are no excuses for Man-ling Tsang Williams' actions. There are no good reasons either. Man-ling Tsang Williams defies understanding and logic. Unless of course