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Khatab Ismail

Pedophile Khatab Ismail A Calgary father certainly had no idea that a bible lesson with his son would lead to the arrest of a trusted family friend. The man and his 9-year-old son

Brian William Frederick Allender

Brian AllenderCheryl Anne Joe of Vancouver was a young single mother of two. Her "adopted" mother described her as "a super person who cared about others. She would always put her own problems

Michael Briere

Hellbeast Michael Briere Holly Jones was a really good kid. She was smart, happy and friendly. Holly Jones was the light of her parents' eyes. In 2003 Holly was a bright Grade 5 student

Jeremy Raymond Pike

Pedophile Jeremy Raymond Pike Jeremy Raymond Pike of Bowmanville, Ontario, was arrested on July 19, 2005. Whatever for, you ask? Let's see if you can guess. First of all, Jeremy Raymond Pike

Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Hellbeast Stephen Shaun Griffiths Sometimes it truly terrifies me to think of the kinds of hellbeasts who live and breathe and share this planet. One such hellbeast is Stephen Shaun Griffiths. I

Randy Edward Miller

Hellbeast Randy Miller A lot of people hate clowns. A lot of people are afraid of clowns. Randy Edward Miller, aka Honker the Clown, aka Randolph the Balloonologist, of Napanee, Ontario, has been

Mark Lundy

Hellbeast Mark Lundy On August 29, 2000, in Palmerston North, New Zealand, a woman and her daughter met with a foul fate. Christine Lundy, 38, was a devoted mother to 7-year-old Amber Grace

Kruse Wellwood & Cameron Moffat

Hellbeasts Kruse Wellwood and Cameron MoffatThe world would so totally have been a better place if Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffat had been aborted. But unhappily for us

John Myles Sharpe

Hellbeast John  Myles Sharpe Australia has its share of hellbeasts too. In March 2004, John Myles Sharpe proved beyond a doubt he was one of them. He had what a

Ron “Wikkid” Weems, Laurell Pruett, Ashley Greenhill & Matthew Fox

Hellbeast Ronald WeemsHow well do any of us really know our friends? I'm sure most of us would like to think we know them very well especially if they've been around our family

Wayne Ryczak

Hellbeast Wayne Ryczak Stephine Beck of Niagara Falls, Ontario provided sex for money. Wayne Ryczak of St. Catharines, Ontario was willing to pay for sex and was a frequent customer of women like

Benjamin Martin Moore

Pedophile Benjamin Martin MooreThey say nice guys finish last. Benjamin Martin Moore is not a nice guy. In fact, he's a really nasty piece of crap. Unfortunately, many women fall for

Lars Skoglund

Hellbeast Lars SkoglundLars Skoglund is no angel. In 2010 the 43-year-old unemployed Swedish man was suspected of molesting his sibling's kids. Now I'm not going to say he was in actuality

Klara and Katerina Mauerova and Barbora Skrlova

Hellbeast Klara MauerovaJust imagine, you buy a brand new wireless video baby monitor so you can keep a constant eye on your precious little baby. You plug in your monitor and