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Nigel Conner Stimson

Rapist Nigel Conner StimsonCall me cynical but tearful apologies by perpetrators before sentencing is handed down leave me unmoved and doubtful of their sincerity. This holds true with the case

Michael and Tammy Bell

Victims of Michael and Tammy Bell Michael and Tammy Bell of Ontario, were supporting six children on social assistance. And still they reckoned they had room for more. They

Melissa Alexander

Hellbeast Melissa Alexander and baby Miguel Melissa Alexander, a 26-year-old from Toronto, Canada, had a perfectly beautiful little boy, Miguel Fernandes. Beautiful... with big dark eyes and thick curly

Collin Robinson

Hellbeast pedophile Collin Robinson Collin Robinson of Ottawa is not a nice man. In 2007 he beat an ex-girlfriend with a curtain rod and toilet plunger and was sentenced to a

Charlene and Nicole Labombard

Hellbeast Nicole Labombard Charlene and Nicole Labombard own the Quebec kennel Paws "R" Us in Clarendon Township. It was the largest puppy mill in Canada. More than 500 dogs and puppies had

Mark Bedford

Hellbeast Mark Bedford An Internet sex predator who is considered one of the most prolific ever caught in Canada was released from prison in March, 2011. Mark Bedford, 25, is a pedophile

Johnny Wong, Norman Figueroa, Christian Ortiz & Andre Jones

Victim Maria Wong Maria Wong was a nice lady. She was popular and well respected. Her husband unhappily was not a nice man. Shu Kwan (Johnny) Wong needed money. He was a

Omaima Aree Nelson

Hellbeast Omaima Nelson The name Hannibal Lecter is likely familiar to most people as a fictional character who enjoyed eating people. The name Omaima Aree Nelson is likely not so familiar to people. She

Colin Blanchard, Vanessa George, Angela Allen, Tracy Lyons, Tracy Dawber

Hellbeast Colin BlanchardNot every hellbeast is Canadian. In point of fact, there are some terrible ones in Britain. The specific hellbeasts I am now exposing to the light of day are Colin