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Kelly Marie Ellard And Warren Glowatski

Kelly Ellard A justice system is a system of laws far more than it is a system of justice. The Canadian justice system is no exception. The case of teen killer Kelly Ellard is a

Larry Robert Collins

Larry Robert Dollins Former pastor Larry Robert Collins loves porn. And by that I mean he LOVES porn. He would spend four to five hours a day, every day, viewing it. Porn is

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn Take a look at Schoenborn’s mugshot. I double dare you not to make a judgment about his character based on how he looks. Would you give him a job? A

David William Shearing

David William Shearing In Alberta’s Bowden Institution lives a very sorry hellbeast. He cries in his cell and tells everyone how remorseful he is, how ashamed. He’s been in prison since 1984, and

John Schneeberger

John Schneeberger There aren’t many people in Kipling, Saskatchewan -- few enough for everyone to know everyone else’s business. Everyone in Kipling knew Candice’s business — a 23-year-old single mom and a reputed party

John and Linda Dollar

John and Linda Dollar In my childhood home closets were for hanging clothes in, belts were to hold your trousers up, and chains were to go on your tires in winter. The same

Kenneth Robert Klassen

Kenneth Robert Klassen Burnaby, British Columbia, art dealer Kenneth Robert Klassen, when interviewed by police, confessed he was “guilty of loving women too much.” Is that a crime? That bit of boasting

Dr. Charles Smith

Dr. Charles Smith People make mistakes and obviously Dr. Charles Smith f*cked up. But how many mistakes before it becomes a pattern of intentional malice? How many incidents of “lost” evidence and “misinterpreted”

Christopher Pauchay

Christopher Pauchay On Friday, January 25, 2008, Christopher Pauchay and Tracey Jimmy had a fight. Again. And Tracey Jimmy was so mad she stormed out of the house, leaving Pauchay to look after

Kenneth Rhodes and Justice Robert Dewar

Judge Robert Dewar Every 17 minutes a woman in Canada is raped. That awful statistic translates into 30,917 rapes per year. That is 30,917 times Canadian women are violently attacked and sexually violated

Donald Mumford

Donald Mumford Donald Mumford has six convictions for sexually exploiting young boys spanning 29 years. He did do jail time for raping five boys, and he did attend a sex offender program. He even

David William Ramsay

David William Ramsay David Ramsay’s role as judge was the perfect launching pad for his criminal career. From the bench he not only decided who should be incarcerated, fined or freed, but also

John Carlos Terceira

John Carlos Terceira John Terceira worked as a cleaner in an apartment building. He made the building his hunting ground, and his prey was a little girl. Whether or not he targeted Andrea

Lila and William Young

Lila and William Young Ask most Canadians who Lila and William Young are and you'll likely get a shrug. Except maybe in Nova Scotia. They were the kindly couple that operated